Understanding the Shillong Night Teer Hit Number System

Shillong Night Teer Hit Number is a popular game played in the Indian state of Meghalaya, particularly in Shillong. It is a form of archery-based gambling where players place bets on the last two digits of the number of arrows that hit a target. The game is held every day except Sundays and is organized by the Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association.
The game of night teer has its roots in the traditional sport of archery, played by the Khasi people for centuries. In the past, the game was played as a means of recreation and to showcase their skills, but with the introduction of gambling, it has become a source of entertainment and livelihood for many in Shillong.
To play Night Teer, players purchase tickets with numbers ranging from 0 to 99. The game is held in the evening, after which the archers take their positions and shoot arrows at the target. The number of arrows that hit the target is then counted, and the last two digits of that number serve as the “hit number.” Players who have purchased tickets with the hit number win the prize money, and the prize money is distributed among the winners based on the number of tickets they have purchased with the correct hit number.
The game of Night Teer is regulated by the Meghalaya government and is conducted under strict guidelines to ensure fairness and transparency. The police also monitor the game to prevent any illegal activities such as cheating or violence.
Despite its popularity, Night Teer has faced criticism from some quarters who view it as a form of gambling harmful to society. However, proponents of the game argue that it provides a source of income for many families in Shillong and is a significant contributor to the local economy.
In recent years, the popularity of Night Teer has increased, and the game is now played not just in Shillong but also in other parts of Meghalaya and neighboring states. The game has also gained a following among online players, with websites offering updates on the latest hit numbers and results.
shillong night teer hit number is a unique and entertaining game that has become a staple of Meghalaya’s cultural and economic landscape. While it may be viewed as a form of gambling by some, the game continues to attract many players and is a source of income for many families in Shillong. Whether one is a player or a spectator, Night Teer is an experience not to be missed for those visiting the city of Shillong.