The Ancient Art of Raatijaga: Uncovering Its Origins


Did you ever hear of Raatijaga? It is an effective idea that has been utilized for hundreds of years by yogis and spiritual experts to help you unlock our inner prospective. Raatijaga is the practice of simply being mindful in our everyday lives and learning how to make use of our own distinctive energy. Let’s discover this historic process and find out how it can help us grow spiritually and become a lot more associated with ourselves.

What is Raatijaga?

Raatijaga is actually a Sanskrit term which means “the night time watchman”. In its least complicated form, it is about getting conscious of your own measures and judgements in each minute – through the mundane jobs like scrubbing your tooth or getting the trash, to larger life options like choosing a job route or where to stay. It shows us that every measures we acquire issues, regardless of how tiny it might appear.

The aim of Raatijaga is usually to permit us to become aware of yourself on a greater levels to ensure we could make much more sensitive alternatives in your life. We learn to be found in each minute, as opposed to lifestyle automatically or permitting our feelings generate us. This increased awareness allows us to be a little more self-mindful and much better loaded to take care of tough conditions.

Just How Can We Incorporate Raatijaga into Our Everyday Lives?

One way we can combine Raatijaga into our lives is actually by meditating regularly – preferably very first thing each day prior to starting our day. Spending time out yourself at the beginning of the morning can assist you set up an intention for the day ahead, along with give you some all-important “me time” before bouncing into your daily routine. It also permits us some space for reflection so that we can easily sign in with ourselves periodically during the day and ensure our company is still aligned with this original objective from earlier that morning.

We can easily also have Raatijaga when creating choices – small or big – by requesting yourself queries like “how will this selection have an effect on me in six months/per year/five-years from now?” Getting some extra a chance to weigh all possible benefits before committing might help ensure that whatever choice you will make is one you won’t regret down the line.


By including Raatijaga into our daily lives, we can become a little more conscious, aware, and intentional using our opinions and activities – enabling us to discover our internal probable and look for greater tranquility and happiness within yourself. No matter if through relaxation or decision-making, taking time from daily for your self ultimately contributes to better quality and exposure to what you are about in your core. So spend some time today (and every day!) for yourself – you are entitled to it!